Pennsylvanian Wind
Lichen-ness O' Me, April 15, 2006

Standing in a ring of my own peat piss
Traced on moss bloomed asphalt-
Awestruck response
To the ample plat'num Passover Moon
Fanc'fully in front o'me stretching South
Expansive corridor o'thirsty trees
Wisps o'maple pine tinged pink candy floss
Now prancing imperceptibly Eastward
'Cross the hazy quiet quantum wobble

O'fiery, smouldering coal of Mars
Juniper Jupiter jovial jew'l
Stunningly encircled siren Saturn
Deftly dance Westward
'Cross the plum black sky
Pristine Pocono peak floodlit darkness
Bount'fully backlit bodacious Diane-
O pregnant prescient moon so crisp & round
Floating 'bove the red dots and fine flashes

O Cracking and shuddering grey giants
Loose your shallow fragile fetter'd footing
Upon the unyielding bone plate grate slate
Listening to a stark whir o'silence
Or what's perceived as silence-
Relentless ring-
Piercing pitch pipe silence

Thick antiviral blood
Warm flush faced South
Expectant fallow deer tick nymph laden
Northeast Pennsylvanian wind whipping
With a willow wisp- a winking wobble
Take these hobbled hungry grey giants down

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